Who Are We

Who Are We

The idea of establishing Human Rights Organisation is born out of the phenomenon of human rights abuses that occurred with itself. The rest of the people with whom such an incident takes place, the feeling of uneasiness, led to an idea of how to get "justice to the victims of injustice", with the aim of establishing this institution. The Human Rights Organisation was born on 10 December 2003 with the belief that human rights, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity, peace, ethnic harmony, ecological and climate justice with the creation of restoration, liberation from the ill effects of liberalization; Building good families and human communities; Their ethnic identity, cultural and religious traditions are preserved. And this is the foundation of the HRO.​

All humans should have only one chance to succeed in life, no matter what the situation they were born in. Although, despite untiring efforts, it is still far from the truth, yet the HRO is constantly trying to change it. We know that we are a part of the global community, respond to these aspirations, and make our priority. We as a cheerful team on this mission, with a sense of excellence in all our endeavours , with a constant conscience, respecting every member and collaborating with others to realize our constitutional values for building a cultured society are committed. The population of our country is resourceful and our population is also prosperous. If our prosperous population is committed to giving regularly, then we will be strong and adventurous enough to solve the problems​

​Since 2004, the organisation has worked towards reaching more People covering more than 10 districts nearby Bhagalpur with the aim to improve the lifestle of BPL people.

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